Blood on HER Hands: ‘Last Voice in the Room’ Kamala Harris Could have Prevented the Afghanistan Crisis

Uncanceled News has an outstanding commentary today on the “woulda’ been, coulda’ been” role of alleged Vice President Kamala Harris in the Afghanistan debacle. The author, Patriot Editor, comes to an irrevocable conclusion: Harris is every bit as accountable for the crisis as Joe Biden, perhaps even more so. Read on:

…Team Harris wanted to make a splash with the Afghanistan withdrawal. They went to the Generals and quietly reminded them that Harris could be their boss in the near future, but sources indicate it wasn’t the posturing wasn’t necessary. They already wanted her squarely inserted into the middle of the Afghanistan decision, so Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and others requested her presence and solicited her input during Afghanistan briefings with Biden.

But the meetings didn’t go well. It didn’t take long for Team Harris to realize it may not be wise to be attached to the surrender. Yes, most Americans wanted U.S. troops to finally leave Afghanistan, but the briefings alerted Harris and her team to the clear risks involved with leaving a weak Afghan government to contend with a reinvigorated Taliban. Intelligence reports told them that the Taliban was very prepared to seize power while the Afghan government was ill-suited to keep it. She knew it could go well based on the numbers in their advantage but she also realized it could blow up. So, she hedged her bets…

Harris was there for the briefings. She was the “last voice in the room” before Biden allegedly made the decision. She had the opportunity to say what should have been said many times between the April meetings and the July-August withdrawal, that we needed to get every American and every piece of equipment out of Afghanistan BEFORE the military left. In a best-case scenario, American civilians would have been almost fully evacuated before a single military member had left.

It’s much easier to evacuate when one has control of the situation than in the middle of a tumultuous exchange of power. Harris knew this as well if not better than mentally failing Biden. As the “last voice in the room,” she should have said the obvious. Why didn’t she?

This is where the blood really spills all over her hands. This is speculation, but based on everything we’ve seen so far, there are only two viable possibilities. The first and less likely is that she DID say something but was ignored. Considering the status of the relationship between the two camps, it’s almost certain that if she had said something, we would know that definitively by now through leaks from Team Harris.

This is just the beginning of very good analysis from Patriot Editor. Go read it for yourself.

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