Joe Biden Has Been Derelict In His Duty. He Is Unfit To Lead. He Should Be Impeached.

Very articulate opinion piece from John Daniel Davidson, political editor at The Federalist. What gives Davidson’s editorial some notable traction is that he focuses past the easy mark of Biden’s mental collapse at the press conference. Instead, he hits the clear items of distinction that define the profound failure of this alleged presidency in just this one dreadful example. To wit:

Of course Biden’s bizarre behavior at the press conference, although deeply disturbing, does not alone justify impeachment. Rather, it’s his fecklessness and incompetence, his failure to protect Americans in the evacuation of Afghanistan, and his inability to speak clearly and honestly about the situation, that justifies impeachment at this point.

Throughout this crisis, Biden and his White House have been evasive, defensive, and cruelly indifferent to a disaster entirely of their own making. The bare minimum for a commander in chief in this scenario is to be clear and forthright with the American people about what it will take to get Americans out safely, and what will happen if we can’t get them out by the August 31 deadline. Instead, the Biden administration has blamed Donald Trump, ducked questions, stonewalled, and generally contributed to the deadly chaos still unfolding in Afghanistan.

Indeed, what this means for the ongoing evacuation is unclear. It might well be over, at this point. News reports out of Kabul indicate the U.S. military is welding shut the gates of the airport complex, which could mean an abrupt end to evacuation efforts for an estimated 1,500 American citizens, at least, still trapped in Afghanistan.

If that is the case, we are now facing the worst hostage crisis in American history.

Read the whole thing here.

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