YouTube makes fresh commitment to boosting mainstream news sources at the expense of independent creators

From Didi Rankovic at comes an excellent post on YouTube’s time-tested intentions to provide “trusted” media with dominate coverage while censoring independent sources. Read on.

YouTube appears to be planning a shift in focus of its massive censorship effort that has in the past year and a half grown exponentially around COVID and political issues, with mass removal of content considered to be misinformation being a prominent tool.

This is nothing new, but it seems that Google is gearing to “boost the boosting” of these channels. If past instances are anything to go by, this means that corporate media will benefit while independent creators can expect their views and revenues to suffer.

On the other hand, Mohan says that “rater guidelines for info quality” are publicly available – in other words, if you’d like to bring your content in line with YouTube’s policies, and politics, that can be done, too. Then this type of content will pass off as “free speech,” and Mohan claims a balance will be reached with “freedom of reach.”

If not, YouTube will clearly not be shy to continue to limit both, at will.

Read the whole thing here. This is why YouTube has vastly outlived its usefulness in terms of providing real, i.e. legitimate news. But continue to stick around for the music. After all, MTV worked so well.

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